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Surviving and Thriving on a 3-Day Juice Cleanse

Way back in June in the midst of home renovations and having no kitchen, my mom and I decided to embark on a 3-day juice cleanse. That’s right–all juice, no food, for 3 whole days! We had been eating out for nearly all our meals due to the renovation and thought it would be the perfect time to do this when I truly had no food in the house to be “tempted” by. My Mom and I turned to The Herd Juicery, a local plant-based and organic cold-pressed juice shop for this 3-day cleanse. The cleanse itself consisted of 6 drinks per day––2 red, 2 green, one yellow, and one nut mylk. All were delicious and Jonathan was kind enough to customize some of the juices so they were all fruits and veggies we enjoy without the ones that cause aversions.

Overall, it was a challenging yet invigorating experience. I was more tuned into the trifecta connection between mind, body, and spirit, and it was incredible to notice these as they occurred. Wanting to eat but not being hungry is a funny feeling, and reminds me that food can sometimes compensate for other aspects of nourishment we seek in our lives.

Benefits I have noticed include:

  • Clearer, softer skin

  • Heightened awareness (clear-headedness)

  • Intense Hydration

  • Reduced bloating

  • Flat(ish) tummy (first time in my life!)

I did this cleanse with the intention of giving my body a break from constantly digesting fiber in foods and not at all for weight-loss reasons. Although I did lose a bit of weight, I did put it back on once I incorporated solid foods back into my diet. All of that said, after a summer of simply living my life, I think I am almost ready to get back on another cleanse! I wrote a bit about the cleanse while I was going through it, so if you are interested in reading my thoughts on what it brought up for me you can check that out below...

"This cleanse brought up strange feelings and emotions about my cancer treatment. The ritual and drinking juice each day for every meal somehow reminded me of my ritual as a cancer patient–hooked up to IVs each day with vibrant-colored liquids filled. This ritual was much more of a choice than a requirement but both each have their own ways of bringing me back to health. Almost seven years ago I sat in a hospital bed, being scolded by my oncologist that I wasn’t eating fruit or healthy food during my initial cancer treatment. Tears welled in my eyes as I showed her the 100% fruit leathers I had my mom get for me from the specialty grocery store–I truly thought this was the right thing to consume.

Now, I realize just how oblivious we can be to our power in controlling our health. Certainly, we cannot control it all and I could not will away my cancer but I had the choice to change my lifestyle and habits then and there but I didn’t know it at the time. Panera Mac and Cheese in a bread bowl with a caesar salad, chocolate chip cookie, and a lemonade was my go-to meal. I had a tiny side salad so that meant it must be healthy, or so I thought. I truly did not make the correlation between what I was consuming and how my body was functioning. My doctor's recommendations meant nothing without my conscious awareness and education surrounding nourishment and nutrition. For years I struggled with obesity playing a game of denial with myself, blaming my body-type and not my choices. I did not see food as power or energy, it was a way to stay alive even though I was eating things that may have been killing me.

As I drink my last days worth of juice, I do so in reverence to my existence and the progress I have made and those who have joined me on this journey. This juice cleanse is not a miracle cure for my ailments, pain, and digestive challenges it is a conscious commitment to honoring my health and this body that has done so much for me. For this, I am grateful."

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