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The Ultimate Vegan Snack Board

Who can say no to snacks? When I transitioned to being fully plant-based a few years ago, I was worried if I would find healthier replacements for the things I already enjoyed. Dairy was my biggest culprit. It was a crutch in my vegetarian lifestyle that was keeping me from a plant-slant, healthy diet. Mozzarella cheese and thick greek yogurts were daily staples, but they took up too much room on my plate for my goals and did not make my body feel as amazing as it could.

Luckily after a few years of eating a vegan diet, amazing brands started to pop up that reminded me of my old favorites, like Miyoko's vegan cheese! Finding simple swaps like this for special occasions allowed me to feel elevated in what I was eating, and dodge the dreaded "what do you even eat? Lettuce?" questions. This snack board is PROOF that eating plant-based is anything but boring and there's something for everyone's taste. This post will guide you through how to create a vegan snack board and all of the essential elements needed for a wholesome snack spread.


First, you're going to need a sturdy board! A few weeks ago, I picked up (curbside!) this board from World Market, and I am in love. It's a marble slab that's super heavy and durable, and it was a steal compared to other marble slabs I was considering. Whatever you end up using, make sure it's easy to clean before and after snacking. I love my new marble slab and how it levels up any occasion, but I've used wooden cutting boards in the past, and they work just as well!

Second, grab your snacks! There are many ways to do this, and I suggest having a combination of flavors, textures, and colors for the ultimate snacking experience. Of course, you're going to want salt, sweet, and savory items. I centered this board around Miyoko's cashew cheese, and a homemade hummus then added in additional sweetness elements and crunch along the way. Go in with some version of a plan or vision, and as you assemble, let your creativity run free.

Cue The Snacks



  • Raspberries

  • Clementines

  • Honey Crisp Slices

  • Green Grapes

  • Dried Baby Pineapple (from Trader Joe's)



  • Peeled and Cut Heirloom Carrots

  • Celery Sticks

Third, location, location, location.

Consider your board to be prime real estate, and

you're going to want to be strategic about where each element goes and why that is. In my case, I like to keep a little room around the dips and spreads so hands can get a helping without touching everything (it is COVID season, after all), so I do have some "white space." But if you're into loading up your board, good on ya! On this board, I added a bunch of sweet elements since it's summertime, and they add a pop of color to what would otherwise be a bland board. Style as you please and then get snacking!

If you recreate this snack board, tag me in your photos on the 'gram (@SeededSoul) and let me know snacks you have been loving lately in the comments below!

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