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Clean Beauty Holiday Gift Guide

Welcoming December with open arms for all the cozy comforts and festive fun ahead. Admittedly, I tend to under-prepare for the holidays and they sneak up quickly forcing me to choose gifts under pressure. It usually ends up with me late night online shopping and spending $20+ for expedited shipping. This year, I am committed to breaking this bad habit and in honor of doing so I am creating a collection of gift guides with something for everyone on your list!

I truly believe that the holidays should be more about spending time with family and friends and making traditions that matter instead of spending money on gifts. Yet, I realize the spirit behind gift giving as an expression of love and know the importance of sharing clean beauty especially during this time of year.

If you aren’t sure about this whole clean beauty thing, it essentially means going above and beyond regulatory standards to ensure non-toxic products that are safe to use without worry of toxic chemicals or fillers. You would think these products would be no-brainers to find but it’s not as easy as it seems with sneaky marketing. Luckily, I turn to my trusted sources Thrive Market and Detox Market to do the hard work for me and make purchasing easy.

1) Jade Roller ($20-45) This little beauty tool has been a stellar addition to my skincare routine. Using this roller can help to decrease puffiness and prevent fine lines all while providing a relaxing face massage. Depending on your budget, you can find one on Amazon for under $20 but if you’re looking for higher quality and have a bigger budget check out Detox Market.

2) Silicone Scrubbie ($6) The winter season and colds that come along with it tend to wreak havoc on my skin and if I’m not careful I’ll have dry patches galore. Fortunately, I have found some ways to combat these issues and a gentle exfoliator like this helps buff away dry skin in a gentle, non-invasive way.

3) Acure Seriously Soothing Blue Tansy Night Oil ($10-15) This blue beauty came along just around the time I got into jade rolling and the duo is truly dynamic. It’s a gentle, hydrating serum that calms down skin thanks to the Blue Tansy oil and moisturizes just enough. It’s been touted as a dupe to a high-end brand beauty oil, and plus it’s on Thrive which makes acquiring it much easier.

4) Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eye Palette ($34) So, I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t tried this eye shadow palette but it is certainly on my list! After trying Lily Lolo’s mascara I am officially a trusted customer. The quality of their products is incredible and the ingredients are equally as impressive. I am excited to add this palette to my beauty stash since I recently purged all my traditional toxic beauty palettes and I am looking to elevate my eye look this season. Find it at Detox Market.

5) Well People Narcissist Foundation Stick ($29) Back during my Sephora-loving days, I would spend months at a time buying, trying, and returning foundations until I found one I could kinda tolerate. I know the struggle of finding a trustworthy foundation and I think this one certainly tops the ranks, especially for clean beauty! This was my first ever cream stick foundation and I was surprised how easy and mess-free it is to use. It’s light yet buildable coverage is perfect for winter when my rosy cheeks are often making an appearance. Find it at Thrive Market.

6) Lily Lolo Natural Vegan Mascara ($20) Mascara is another beauty product that is highly debated, tested, and rated and I can honestly say this one is amazing. It’s 100% natural which is nearly unheard of for a mascara–even in the clean beauty world. I find that with one coat my lashes look delicately polished and ready for the day. Find it at Detox Market (even though it's currently sold out!).

I hope you treat yourself or a friend to these clean beauty faves this holiday season and if you do, post a photo and tag me (@seededsoul) on Instagram.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, beautiful (and beauty-filled) holiday season!

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