What’s “Ecotherapy” and Why You Should Know About It

Ecotherapy encompasses much more than the joy of capturing a picturesque sunset photo–it includes how green spaces, public parks, and the COVID-19 pandemic is revolutionizing health and well-being.

We can all agree that Mother Nature has a way of healing the soul. A walk on the beach, a hike to the summit, a swim in a crystal clear lake–each of these experiences encapsulates some sense of freedom and rejuvenation. Writers, poets, and artists have been in awe of nature’s beauty for centuries, from the budding blossoms of Georgia O’Keefe to Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Attempting to capture nature’s beauty is an inevitable part of this human experience.

We are reminded of this as indigenous cultures are deeply rooted in the rituals that require tending to the Earth as well as living off of the land. Innately inside ourselves (and our cells) lies our connection to nature. Ecotherapy is all of these things. Simply put, ecotherapy is embracing nature and the outdoors as a means to improve well-being.