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A Gift Guide for Go-Getter's

We all know a go-getter, the friend who has hundreds of good ideas and actually acts on them while juggling everything else life throws at them. It can be tough to track them down, but once you do it's all worth the schedule-adjustments! In honor of that friend (that may very well be you!), I've curated a few gifts that would suit their jam-packed days while also encouraging them to take some time to slow down.

1) Rothy’s Black Solid Slip-On ($125) Nothing says go-getter quite like a solid sneak. When the temps are tolerable enough to not wear boots, these are my go-to shoes to do it all in. Although not built for running I would be lying if I said I didn't run in these trying to catch the last ferry out of the city (with a 70% success rate). Rothy’s are particularly amazing because they are made from recycled water bottles AND machine washable making them both a sustainable and stylish shoe.

2) Infrared Sauna Sessions ($30-40 per session) We love a strong, independent woman but we also love when a girl knows how to take care of herself so she can keep showing up in life. Sometimes, she will need a little nudge and that’s where BFFs come in. Infrared sauna sessions are a great pick to hit all the bases in one go–self care, relaxation, and total body wellness (more about that here). Plus, it’s a great girl date idea to ring in 2019. Personally, I squeeze in my sweat sessions at Sunshine Kate’s.

3) Air Pods ($160) Getting from point A to point B doesn’t have to be wasted time, in fact, it can be productive. Air Pods are great for city dwellers and suburbanites alike, from the subway to jogs around town these babies are sure to entertain.

4) Saje Wellness Pocket Farmacy ($60) If you ever wonder if there is an easier way to get it all done look no further than essential oils. This little "farmacy" makes aromatherapy accessible with ease, labeling each blend with its likely remedy. Eliminate the downtime of waiting for the pain reliever to kick in and get smelling some oils.

5) Inspiration and Manifestation Cards ($15-20 per deck) Every go-getter some empowerment to start their day and look no further than Gabbie Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back Deck to do just that. Stunning visuals paired with just the message you need to hear is a thoughtful way to begin any project. Paper Sources curated mindfulness cards are a great mid-day break to get grounding and remind us not to sweat the small stuff.

6) Philosophie Berry Bliss Protein Powder ($15-65) Nourishment should be on the top of the priority list for go-getters but most of us know that isn’t always the case. Luckily, this protein powder goes beyond others on the market to truly help us fuel and flourish. Philosophie comes in three incredible varieties and each is made with incredibly simple yet powerful ingredients that actually taste amazing and with no added sugar! Berry Bliss is a great pick for go-getters because it contains camu-camu powder, a naturally derived Amazonian plant-food that contains over 1,000% of our daily recommended Vitamin C.

I hope this curated collection for go-getters inspires your holiday gift giving, if it does be sure to tag @seededsoul on Instagram so I can see it!

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