A Gift Guide for Go-Getter's

We all know a go-getter, the friend who has hundreds of good ideas and actually acts on them while juggling everything else life throws at them. It can be tough to track them down, but once you do it's all worth the schedule-adjustments! In honor of that friend (that may very well be you!), I've curated a few gifts that would suit their jam-packed days while also encouraging them to take some time to slow down.

1) Rothy’s Black Solid Slip-On ($125) Nothing says go-getter quite like a solid sneak. When the temps are tolerable enough to not wear boots, these are my go-to shoes to do it all in. Although not built for running I would be lying if I said I didn't run in these trying to catch the last ferry out of the city (with a 70% success rate). Rothy’s are particularly amazing because they are made from recycled water bottles AND machine washable making them both a sustainable and stylish shoe.

2) Infrared Sauna Sessions ($30-40 per session) We love a strong, independent woman but we also love when a girl knows how to take care of herself so she can keep showing up in life. Sometimes, she will need a little nudge and that’s where BFFs come in. Infrared sauna sessions are a great pick to hit all the bases in one go