Sweating It Out–for wellness!

Sweating is a weird part of life, which can often be a minor (read: major) inconvenience in some circumstances and we all know pit stains are no one’s friend. Yet, I have learned to love to (intentionally) sweat due to how amazing it is for our bodies. Sweating is actually a survival tactic to cool us down in hot temps, without it we literally wouldn’t keep kicking. It also has been shown to be a way to release toxins from our bodies, which some may consider a form of detoxing. Sweating can even help boost mood and improve our immune systems. Pretty sweet stuff if you ask me!

As part of my wellness journey, last winter I decided to take the plunge and try out an infrared sauna known for its incredible benefits to detoxify the body, aid in relaxation, and even help with pain relief. My first thirty-minute session was a warm and toasty 150F during a blistery cold week with below-zero-temps. As thrilled as I was to be getting warm, I found myself totally unable to relax until the very end. The tiny wooden sauna paired with my fear of passing out was not a promising duo so I never felt compelled to try it again until this summer.