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Spiritual Well-Being in the Age of COVID-19

While the current pandemic has not been easy for any of us, not being able to physically gather to celebrate our respected holidays with family and friends can put quite the damper on things. As Passover continues and Easter is just a day away, we may feel a great deal of emotions surrounding this pandemic and our religious rituals and spiritual practices. Regardless of whether we follow a certain tradition, our spiritual growth and well-being do not need to be hindered by this current pandemic. In fact, the current state of the world may actually be an ideal time to go within and strengthen our spirituality.

In a CNBC recent article from Deepak Chopra, MD, Chopra explains how spiritual well-being is often neglected and overlooked in the daily lives of many people and how this current pandemic may be an opportunity to grow in this way.

Chopra suggests several ways to improve the state of your soul, right now:

  • Having a sense of meaning and purpose

  • Loving and being loved

  • Self-esteem, a sense of your own worth

  • Tapping into inner peace and joy

  • Being of service to others

  • Generosity of spirit

Tapping into spiritual well-being looks different for everyone, and this list is a wonderful start if you’re yearning to enhance this connection. The beauty of these suggestions is how simple they are yet how powerful their effect can be. We can remind ourselves of our place in this world, perhaps how we are being of service to our friends, family, and neighbors during this time (if we are able). Or we may be able to find the joy in watching signs of spring emerge in these moments of stillness. Perhaps we can be generous financially and support local businesses that are struggling, or choose to be generous with our time and read to children in our lives over video calls to give their parents a little break. Another way to tap into this connection is to acknowledge the love we put out and get back (even in virtual form) as we connect with friends and family we normally do not get the chance to.

Taking inventory of our spiritual connection during challenging times can gauge how we can best improve our well-being and what areas of our lives need the greatest support. Whether or not you are participating in religious holidays this weekend and upcoming week, consider taking a moment to reflect and note what your spiritual connection has looked like lately. With this in mind, consider the suggestions from this article as an opportunity to mindfully engage in enhancing your spiritual well-being, leading to greater comfort and decreased stress (which improves immune health!) during these uncertain times.

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