Follow Your Bliss Ball Bites

Some of my fave activities to deal with stressful times is baking, cooking, and creating, sometimes all at once! One thing I have felt compelled to work on recently is to hone in on my creative energy and recipe creation is an outlet that allows me to do that. In this recipe, I certainly followed my bliss during the creation of these sweet bites that just so happen to make the best snacks! They are perfectly wholesome, naturally sweetened, and hearty bites that contain healthy fats from nuts and coconut!

Lemon Coconut and Spiced Cardamom Walnut Bites are the perfect duo to take on any weekend challenge! Lemon Coconut is a familiar and refreshing pairing that brings me nostalgia of chilled lemon bars on a summer day. Spiced Cardamom Walnut bites are sweetened with a date base yet give a hint of splendid spice from cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon. If you decide to make them, be sure to snap a pic and tag @seededsoul on Instagram