Conscious Cosmetics

My entrance into adolescence coincided with the creation of YouTube makeup tutorials and boy was my (Mom’s) wallet in trouble. I was never quite as glam as my tutorial idols, but their videos led me to purchase a new makeup palette every season and to this day I never hit the bottom of one. The joy and borderline obsession I have surrounding makeup lasted for many years and continues on (to a less materialistic degree) to this day. Fortunately, my many years of loving makeup have made me a great judge of determining quality products.

When I made the plunge into plant-based living in March of 2016, I worked with a Holistic Health Coach, Natalie, who taught me how to eat right and truly care for my body. I may have been eating right but little did I know I was letting toxins enter my body through my largest organ–my skin. Upon learning this, and researching my skincare and makeup products on, I started implementing skin-friendly, non-toxic, vegan products into my daily routine. Now, I have a pretty