5 Podcasts that Dive Deep into Vulnerability & Authenticity

In the good old days, AKA pre-self-isolation, podcasts tended to be reserved exclusively for car rides or commutes in an effort to soak in new knowledge while on-the-go. Now, with our stay at home lifestyles, our coveted audio consumption may have fallen by the wayside in our new routines. Luckily, podcasters of all kinds have kept on pressing record and are sharing in ways that were even more vulnerable and authentic than before. Finding time to press play on these pods can open your eyes (and ears) to a new perspective of connection during this collective human experience.

The podcasts I have rounded up below are some of my most loved lately, their topics ranging from personal stories, spirituality, dating and relationships, wellness, and mental health. Despite the range, each highlights stories and perspectives that shared bravely and boldly, bringing us, as listeners, to a greater appreciation of the humanity in all of us. Listening to any of these episodes will guide you on your path to personal growth and reflection, especially during these unusual times.