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5 Podcasts that Dive Deep into Vulnerability & Authenticity

In the good old days, AKA pre-self-isolation, podcasts tended to be reserved exclusively for car rides or commutes in an effort to soak in new knowledge while on-the-go. Now, with our stay at home lifestyles, our coveted audio consumption may have fallen by the wayside in our new routines. Luckily, podcasters of all kinds have kept on pressing record and are sharing in ways that were even more vulnerable and authentic than before. Finding time to press play on these pods can open your eyes (and ears) to a new perspective of connection during this collective human experience.

The podcasts I have rounded up below are some of my most loved lately, their topics ranging from personal stories, spirituality, dating and relationships, wellness, and mental health. Despite the range, each highlights stories and perspectives that shared bravely and boldly, bringing us, as listeners, to a greater appreciation of the humanity in all of us. Listening to any of these episodes will guide you on your path to personal growth and reflection, especially during these unusual times.

Get your headphones ready for these 5 podcasts packed with authenticity

1. The Way We Are Now with Dani Shapiro

Dani Shapiro is a writer by trade and has authored eight books, mostly memoir, and has a way of coming across as truly authentic. She is a natural story-teller and in this podcast, she invites guests to share the way they are now, during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike any other podcast I have listened to, this one highlights guests and allows them to share their stories candidly as they process their new lives at the moment. Listening is a must if you’re interested in hearing other stories outside of your current self-isolated bubble and gain a new perspective on how this crisis is affecting Americans of all kinds. Bonus podcast to consider– Family Secrets, which is also hosted by Dani Shapiro.

2. Technically Spiritual with Prerna Manchanda

Since tuning in to the first episode at the brink of our world as we knew it changing, I have been enamored by how timely this podcast is in our now more-digital-than-ever world. Prerna Manchanda is a wellness expert in meditation and yoga, and also happens to be a classmate of mine from my graduate program. In each episode, she brings on experts to discuss how we can be spiritual in a tech-driven world and the ways in which they coexist. It’s a great listen for any seekers who find themselves struggling with integrating spiritual life on- and off-line.

3. Monica and Jess Love Boys– An Armchair Expert Podcast

As a longtime fan of Armchair Expert, I knew Monica and Jess Love Boys would be just as fascinating but I did not expect it to be such a raw and real podcast. Monica and Jess both love boys and share the struggles they have in dating and romantic relationships and bring on experts to challenge their ways to get them out of their comfort zones. Each episode digs deep and they get vulnerable to unearth what’s not working for each of them and truly shines a light on how human we all are.

4. Healthier Together with Liz Moody

Liz Moody is a journalist by trade and anxiety-ridden human by nature, making her the perfect host for a podcast centered around stories about wellness, food, relationships, beauty, and life. She always is authentic in sharing her own story while maintaining legitimacy on other topics through a wide range of guest experts. A recent episode on anxiety with Ellen Vora, MD explores the underpinnings of anxiety and the ways in which we can ease it and honor it.

5. Outweigh with Amy Brown and Lisa Hayim– A 4 Things with Amy Brown Podcast

Amy Brown and Lisa Hayim, RD, are both modern-day women who have struggled with

the lies and lessons taught to them by diet culture and in this podcast, they are sharing ways to get out this mentality and unearth what “outweighs” the need to be skinny, perfect, etc. They are both raw and real when opening up about their own pasts with disordered eating and mental health journeys and invite guests to do the same. Through sharing personal stories and getting real about loving what our bodies do for us, they break through the shame many have to surround these topics. During a time where many of us can be hyper-focused about our habits changing and what this may do too out bodies, this podcast can bring you back to earth and hone in on how to treat our bodies right now and always.

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