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5 Better-For-The-Planet Brands to Support

Today, April 22, 2020, marks the 50th anniversary of celebrating Earth Day with the theme of climate action. One unintended benefit of the current pandemic stopping humans in our tracks is the healing we see happening to our planet, including seeing cleaner water in the Venice canals and bluer skies almost everywhere due to less air travel and pollution. While these changes may be buzzworthy, this small pause in regular programming is not enough and we must be committed to changing ourselves and our habits, so in turn, we can see positive changes in our Earth.

Whether or not we like to admit it, we are all consumers of some kind, and the choices we make with our dollars make a big impact on our carbon footprint. Luckily, there are some planet-loving brands that have done the dirty work for us and make it easy to swap out old for new when it comes to our buying habits.

Thrive Market makes it easy to get healthy, organic food right to your door at an affordable price. Not only are they committed to accessibility, giving memberships to low-income families and teachers, they also are committed to environmental responsibility and are on a journey for their company to become zero waste. Their business is built on shipping out your favorite products and sending it right to your door, and they take their packing seriously using recyclable products and recycled plastic when needed.

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Thred-Up is an online consignment retailer that’s becoming a modern-day thrifting adventure. Considering all the items are second-hand (even though some may still have the tags on them!), they provide an alternative to buying new, which often has a negative impact on the environment. Unfortunately, the textile industry impacts the environment not only by what is being produced and thrown away, but also with the growing methods and use of pesticides, excessive water consumption, and chemicals used to treat and dye textiles. By choosing second-hand, you’re making a more sustainable choice that’s better for the planet and your wallet. If you’re looking to sell your old clothes, Thred-Up offers a program to do that and any items that are not accepted are properly recycled–wins all around!

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Rothy’s is a brand that is committed to sustainability and actually creates all its products from recycled plastic bottles–they have used 50 million to date! They are known for their flats, loafers, and sneakers but are now breaking into bags, sandals, and other accessories. They use knitting technology to create high-quality products and are committed to quality craftsman while still being versatile and easy to wear, wash, and clean on your own.

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Everlane is the pinnacle of affordable, sustainable clothing that’s transparent about all that they do from the supply chain to pricing and profits. With options like “pay what you can”, Everlane makes buying sustainably more accessible than ever before. In addition to their transparency, they are committed to high-quality clothing so that you can buy less and wear more.

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Cocokind is a skin-care and beauty company committed to providing affordable, effective, and sustainable products. Unlike many skincare and beauty brands that use packaging to up their price-tag, Cocokind simplifies with sustainable choices like glass bottles and FSC approved cartons. As for quality, they source skin-loving and effective ingredients that are renewable and don’t water down any of their products.

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