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Well-being in the Waiting: Finding presence during unprecedented times– supported by tools & teachings from psychology, mindfulness, yoga, and nutrition. 


This eBook will provide you with a variety of tools, teachings, activities, and recipes to support you to find presence during uncertain times. The practices found within this guide have been curated with you in mind, helping to boost well-being for anyone regardless of familiarity with this work. Begin reading with an open mind, and leave with a new understanding of what it means to be well. 



-15+ pages of Tools & Techniques from Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, CBT Psychology, and Yoga

-10+ pages of Simple Plant-Based Recipes, including sweets, snacks, and mini-meals

- 1 Page of Resources to Continue Your Journey


For each eBook purchased, one will be gifted to someone who is in healthcare or is an essential worker! If you know someone specifically who you would like this eBook to be gifted to, e-mail me at !

Well-Being in the Waiting eBook [DOWNLOAD]

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