Surviving Isn't Living

It took me almost two decades of life to figure out that simply surviving isn't living. Feeling aliveness is an innate desire in each of us, it is a yearning for more whether it be through human connections, seeing the world, going deep into a project, or taking the time to go on a walk.  Aliveness is so much more than being alive in our physical bodies, it is a deep spiritual connection with ourselves and the world.

Like you, I am ever-evolving and growing to become a fuller, wiser, and healthier version of myself. For me, this journey began in 2011 when I was diagnosed with APML leukemia just days before my fifteenth birthday. Survival became my main priority for the next two and a half years, pushing through treatment all while trying to keep up with the life of a typical high school student. At the time, I was surviving, but I wasn't truly living. 

While in college, I realized that although I was learning and growing in new ways and started to live a post-cancer life, I wasn't taking care of myself as best as I knew I could. At 19, I embarked on healing from all that I endured– I hired a health coach, changed my diet, started meditating regularly, upped my yoga, began training for a 5k, and set a simple goal of being healthier and taking better care of my body.


I succeeded in my goal to become healthier and transformed into a wiser, stronger person for it. Now, each day I am grateful for all that my body does for me and clarity that I have attained since making this commitment to my health– and myself. 

Empowering Others to Do the Same

Inspired by my own growth, along with the desire to help others choose healing paths of their own, I decided to continue my education and found a program that highlighted all that I was searching for. In February 2020, I graduated from Columbia University with my Master of Arts in Psychology in Education. While at Columbia, I studied within their Spirituality, Mind-Body program, and provided Spiritual Wellness interventions to college students.


With my passion for enhancing physical health, I also have certificates from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, in Health Coaching, as well as eCornell, in Plant-Based nutrition, and currently am working towards becoming a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NB-HWC). 

While I'm not brainstorming ideas for my next workshop, drafting blog posts, or working with clients, I embrace living in a small beach town in New Jersey, go to as many yoga classes as I can, savor sunset bike rides, and love to whip up plant-based meals with farmers market finds.

  • Master of Arts in Psychology from Columbia University (2020)

    • Concentration in Spirituality, Mind-Body Studies

  • BA in Psychology with minors in Social Work and Criminal Justice from Marist College (2018)

  • NB-HWC Candidate

    • Expected Board Certification by January 2021

  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach 

  • Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition by T. Colin Campbell's eCornell Course

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